Client Reviews

Having Caring Companions at Home allows me to go to work and make a living.  I don’t have to worry about my mother when she is with her caregivers from Caring Companions at Home.

- Adele M

The services from Caring Companions at Home have given our family the comfort that our mother is being taken care of.  I would tell a friend that Caring Companions at Home is an excellent company and they are responsive. Caring Companions at Home is a wonderful service to have to help take care of family.

- Gloria J

Thank you for such great care and service in finding a suitable caregiver to help with my 83 year old Dad after having sergury. Having my Dad recover at home with a care giver was the best thing for him rather than sending him to a rehabilitation center. 

- Rula T.

I don’t know what I would do without the help from Caring Companions at Home, and the caregiver goes above the call of duty. We get along very well, and she is very helpful. I couldn’t live by myself without the help from them.  I would tell a friend that I highly recommend Caring Companions at Home.

The caregiver from Caring Companions at Home perks me up all the time when I am having a bad day, which helps me. I lost my wife about ten years ago after we had been married for 50 years, and I sometimes think she sent the caregiver to me. This morning I was about ready to throw in the towel, and my caregiver just perked me right up and I feel better.  God sent the caregiver to me.

- George M

Caring Companions at Home has been a godsend for our mom. We needed help with bathing our mom and assistance in the restroom while our dad is at work. The staff found us a wonderful care giver who worked with her for 6 months. 

- Mother's Care

I feel like being able to call someone and then get someone to help is very convenient. The people that Caring Companions at Home send are very patient and kind.

- Petra A

It has been a pleasure dealing with Caring Companions at Home! They did everything they said they would- My father suffers from dementia and cannot be left alone and they got us a wonderful caregiver! 

- Suzy M.

The most helpful thing from Caring Companions at Home is that the caregivers are as flexible as family members. They do the smallest things in order to accommodate my mother.

- Joan A

This agency has been providing high quality caregivers for my 90+ year old Mom for several years now.  Finding the right person is a lot like dating -- there are some hits and misses and you have to keep giving different people a chance. 

- Mp W.

Caring Companions gives me peace of mind knowing that my father is being taken care of.  Caring Companions has excellent care and they treat their clients like family.

The caregiver from Caring Companions at Home goes above and beyond, and we consider her a member of the family.

- Alfred B